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Hurricane Sandy Pays West Virginia A Brief Visit

Hurricane Sandy’s effects on West Virginia pale in comparison to the effects that north-east states such as New York and New Jersey received; however, we want to provide an update for those of you who have expressed concern for our area. Hurricane Sandy’s reach varied amongst regions in West Virginia. Here at Nelson Rocks, we received a small amount of snow as well as minimal wind damage. Just 9 miles away and 2,000 feet in elevation gain lies Spruce Knob, which acquired two and a half feet of snow. Twenty inches quickly accumulated on the slopes in Canaan Valley and Snow Shoe Mountain on Monday, October 29th causing ski enthusiasts in the area to flock to the hills. The snow was still piling up Thursday on top of the three feet left from Sandy throughout the week. Statewide blackouts ensued causing many businesses to temporarily shut down. Although the power came back on at Nelson Rocks after a few short days, many individuals in our neighboring counties still remain without power.

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