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Stay Hydrated!

Here at NROC, we stress the importance of staying hydrated while climbing the Via Ferrata and ziplining on the North Fork Valley Canopy Tour. This article touches on several topics such as signs of dehydration, health benefits of water, recommended water intake, and what factors influence an individual’s water needs. We encourage everyone to take the time to read this helpful article provided by Shape Fit, click here!

Couple Gets Married at Seneca Rocks

How cool is this? A couple got married on Seneca Rocks, which is just about 15 miles away from Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center! The couple made the 900-foot climb in formal wedding attire…awesome!

Check out the full article by clicking here!

Updated Lodging Photos!

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Share Your Love for the Outdoors With Your Kids

If you’re looking to share your passion for the outdoors with your children, this National Geographic blog post, written by the Outdoor Industry Association’s Avery Stonich, provides helpful tips for successfully easing your children into outdoor recreation. Throughout the article, Stonich discusses this subject with Craig Mackey, the Outdoor Industry Association’s director of recreation policy. They use backpacking as a specific example but the tips they provide can apply to any outdoor activity! Click here to read!

Why Do We Sunburn?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to wear sunblock while climbing the Via Ferrata or ziplining on our North Fork Valley Canopy Tour. Since sunburn is so common, it’s important to understand how it occurs in the human body. Mystery Solved: Why We Sunburn is an interesting article provided by National Geographic News that gives valuable information that can help us better understand the ins-and-outs of sunburn: click here to read!

Night Sky Turned Bluer?

According to a new study, the night sky may appear bluer as LED lights start to replace yellow-orange streetlights. This National Geographic article provides a closer look at topics such as how the use of LED lights will affect light pollution and even animals’ circadian rhythms and how skyglow will be measured. Check it out by clicking here!

Spotted: Timber Rattlesnakes!

Timber rattlesnakes have been spotted around Nelson Rocks!  These creatures can live up to thirty years and grow to the length of five feet.  The timber rattlesnake lives in diverse habitats that range from upland forests to lowland swamps.  They often go unnoticed due to the colors and camouflage patterns of their skin. To read more about timber rattlesnakes, click here!

Square Dancing in Circleville, WV

After a long absence, square dancing was resurrected in Circleville at the Pendleton County Fair. We can thank the Augusta Heritage Center for helping revive this West Virginia tradition! Check out The New York Times article, “Rediscovering a Town’s Roots, Feet First” by clicking here!

Our NROC guides, Jason and Mel, square dancing!

“Adventure Freak” Blogs About NROC

Recently, a visitor to Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center wrote an eloquent blog article about his experience at the Canopy Tour and the Via Ferrata. The article is called “Zip Lining in West Virginia” –click here to read it! Thanks so much for the review, we’re glad you had an awesome time!

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