Partnering Up To Protect WV’s Natural Forest Ecology

Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center recently joined a partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Potomac Highlands Cooperative Weed and Pest Management Area (CWPMA) to work together to protect West Virginia’s natural forest ecology by combating the spread of invasive plant species. The invasive species crew, aka The Weed Warriors, spent two days treating the most prevalent invasive plants. At NROC, these plants are garlic mustard, bush honeysuckle, crown vetch, and viper’s bugloss, among others.  In addition to physically preventing the spread of invasive species, the Nature Conservancy crew will lead educational roadside walks through NROC that demonstrate the value of controlling invasive species early.

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Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center (NROC) is located in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Pendleton County, West Virginia. NROC, formerly know as the Nelson Rocks Preserve, is a privately-owned nature preserve that encompasses 145 mountainous acres. Home to incredible rock climbing, via ferrata climbing, a canopy tour, and miles of breathtaking, awe-inspiring hiking trails NROC is sure to offer the dose of adventure that’s right for you. View all posts by nrocstaff

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