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Canopy Tour Training

Returning guides and brand-new guides spent three full days learning the ropes on the NFV Canopy Tour. If you believe that you should never stop exploring, you can never stop learning, either. Guide training is an on-going process that requires a lot of hard work and concentration but is also a ton of fun. Thanks to all the NROC guides for their hard work and dedication to safety!

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Via Ferrata Staff Training

Our Via Ferrata guides spent three intense days refreshing their vertical rescue training skills. We’re proud to have Tom Cecil, owner of Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides and long time friend of Nelson Rocks, lead the rescue training.

Photojournalist Captured Photos of Via Ferrata

Sadie Luetmer, a photojournalist, climbed the Via Ferrata at NROC a couple of weeks ago and brought along her camera. You can check out her blog here to read about her experience and see some of best photos that she captured while climbing. Glad you enjoyed the climb, Sadie!

Thanks For Visiting, Eastern Mennonite High Schoolers!

We recently had a class from the Eastern Mennonite High School visit us at the Via! Here is a picture of Myron Blosser and the rest of his classmates with their guide Tony Barnes:

After each climb, we ask that our visitors fill out a survey to let us know how their trip went. Here is how Myron rated his experience:

Reservation Experience: Excellent

Comments: Worked with me wonderfully

Pre-Trip Materials: Excellent

Comments: Sent necessary info. Kept in touch via email

Guide Service: Excellent

Comments: Especially Tony. High quality. Was able to give valuable instruction on Geology, etc…

Trip Experience: Excellent

Comments: Wonderful experience.

Would you choose us for a future trip?: Yes

Total Score: 100.00%

A big thanks to the Eastern Mennonite High School class for coming to see us here at Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center! We were glad to have you and glad you enjoyed it!

Visitor Shares Photographs of the Via

We recently had a visitor, Greg Watson, who captured some beautiful photographs while climbing the Via Ferrata. He came from Charleston, West Virginia with his friend Bob and said, “It was a truly beautiful experience, and certainly worth the trip.” Their guides during the climb were Gatan and Ben, who are also featured in many of the photographs. Thanks so much for sharing your photographs with us, Greg!

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New Guest Rooms!

The new guest rooms above the Welcome Center are now open!

Did you know….

1) You can’t dream if you’re snoring.

2) You can have four to seven dreams a night.

3) In our dreams we only see faces that we already know.

Sweet dreams!

Shout Out To the GWU Trails Rec Club!

We recently had the GWU Trails Rec Club from George Washington University join us at Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center. Their group organizer, Kaitlin, provided us with this feedback from their trip: “This has been the best trip of the semester and a thrilling adventure that everyone should try. Thank you for showing us a good time every time we bring a group out.”

We wanted to give a quick shout out to these folks! Thank you so much for visiting the via and we are happy that we could be a part of your experience.

Check out some pictures from their trip:

Climbing Vias Across the Globe

This happy couple, Elodie and Steven, have climbed a via ferrata in France and had a blast climbing the via at NROC. Check out these photos from their climbing experience!

New Guest Rooms Now Open!

Guest Rooms at NROC officially opened on May, 4! Eight brand-new, hotel-styled Guest Rooms opened this past Friday. Conveniently located on the second floor of the new Welcome Center, each room has three comfy beds (sleeps 4), a private bath, AC, and wireless internet. Add a Guest Room to your reservation and make your next trip to NROC the best yet! Pictures of the interior will be posted soon.

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