Melinda’s Story

Smiles, smiles, smiles. Everywhere you look people are smiling. Is this simply a random occurrence? Or are the men and women that comprise the staff at Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center really just that happy? The staff members here are truly unique. Fluttering to and fro like butterflies, in the constant search for worthwhile experiences and an honest day’s work.  Luckily for us, the two go hand in hand down at Nelson Rocks. This eclectic cast of characters comes to you from far and wide, from a diverse array of backgrounds and interests. All of these people share one major thing in common; one thing that unites the most contrasting personalities. This being a most undeniable force lurking deep within us all, oftentimes, the force goes unnoticed and unheard. That is until the moment, when you embrace your passion and allow it to be free. Working at Nelson Rocks did just this for many of us guides. It has allowed us the opportunity to showcase our enthusiasm and love of the rock. It is an art form if you allow it to be. Each one of us lusts for the beauty held within this forest, from the fins of quartzite, to the plants and critters, all play an integral role in comprising a beautiful and perfect little community. We long to share its charm with anyone who will listen. It is our hope that upon leaving NROC one will crave to have experiences like it again.

Go home and explore, take more walks through the woods. Go fish, go bike, or do anything outdoors. Embrace each and every moment you have reveling in the beauty of the natural world and remember to share it with family, friends and pets. It becomes an obsession and addiction. Once you have it, you’re hooked. You have to have more, and you will do anything to get it. This may even include packing your life into your car and moving to Pendleton County, West Virginia. That is how it happened for many of us who now call this place home. With so much beauty all in one area it would be impossible to see it all in a day: Seneca Rocks, Spruce Knob, Smoke Hole Canyon, Canaan Valley, Dolly Sods, to name a few. So take a long weekend, or heck, quit your job and inquire here instead! This is what brings the guides here. We don’t do it for fame, glory, or even the big bucks. We do it because it is our lifeblood. It is what makes our hearts tick, even on the darkest of days, in the coldest hours, the ever-present knowing of this beautiful force lurks within and calls us home to the woods, to the rock, to this place.

If Melinda’s story has inspired you and you decide that you want to experience being a part of this amazing staff, we encourage you to send your resume to We are currently hiring for seasonal positions and we are excited to have new individuals join our unique NROC team!


About nrocstaff

Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center (NROC) is located in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Pendleton County, West Virginia. NROC, formerly know as the Nelson Rocks Preserve, is a privately-owned nature preserve that encompasses 145 mountainous acres. Home to incredible rock climbing, via ferrata climbing, a canopy tour, and miles of breathtaking, awe-inspiring hiking trails NROC is sure to offer the dose of adventure that’s right for you. View all posts by nrocstaff

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