Gatan’s Story

This past weekend, NROC saw quite a bit of snow! One of our site managers, Gatan, wrote about his thoughts during this unexpectedly snowy day in late October:

Photo by Jason Cain

Mother Nature, in all it’s winter wonder, is upon us today.  Perhaps a tad bit early for some of us creatures that call this place home, perhaps right on time for others.  Nature and weather are forever unpredictable.  The laws of nature and weather revolve around the sun.  It is our relationship to the sun that is the only constant truth, and yet the sun itself is volatile and unpredictable.  So, perhaps there is no constant.  Perhaps we’re just along for the ride, adapting to the ever- constant changes of time and season, temperature and moisture.

What an awesome thing to behold, awesome not to shy away from, but to change with and accept.  Like the trees that shed their leaves to accept the heavy snow, we too change our outward appearance. We grow with each passing season.  Bearing the weights, swinging and swaying in the wind.  We bend, we adapt and we grow.

The creatures of the North Fork South Branch are doing just that today.  Waking up to a severe change in weather saying , “ Wow, check this out. Guess I’ll change my clothes and get on out there.”  So, lets go check out the Canopy Tour and see what the trees are doing to adapt.  Let’s  change, let’s bend and let’s grow. 


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