Tammy’s Story

Tammy Rose, of the DC/VA/MD Adventures Group, wants to share her experience with NROC. This is what she had to say:

We at the DC/VA/MD Adventures Group have been coming to Nelson Rocks for over 7 years. We have experienced climbing, zip lining, and have taken on the swinging bridge. We must say it never gets old and the views are more amazing each year. How do you choose between spring, summer or fall views?  YOU DON’T, you do them all!!!

One thing united both seasoned climbers and first-timers: the amazing experience and thrill. Whether you are young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape, or have a fear of heights it doesn’t matter because this is something for everyone.

We normally make it a weekend event, camping or bunking in nature under the stars, grilling and chatting with friends while zip lining, hiking and climbing. We have all talked over and over about the thrill of walking the planks of the swinging bridge and what an amazing, heart pounding experience it was.  As for climbing the Via Ferrata, it’s truly a unique setup that anyone can do.  As we follow each other up the face of the rock wall, stopping for amazing pictures and chatting it up with friends, we say, “I can’t believe I’m standing on the side of a cliff doing something so cool!!!” Also, I can’t forget to mention zip lining through the jungle like monkeys, screaming to let out that stress….Woo Hoo!!

We thank Nelson Rocks for letting us have an unforgettable experience and for all the years ahead. We’ll be back bringing old and new souls to experience a little piece of heaven and get a great workout in the process.

Via Ferrata — You Gotta Do It!

-Tammy Rose (Adventure Girl)

If you are interested in booking a group trip to the Via Ferrata, click here!


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Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center (NROC) is located in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Pendleton County, West Virginia. NROC, formerly know as the Nelson Rocks Preserve, is a privately-owned nature preserve that encompasses 145 mountainous acres. Home to incredible rock climbing, via ferrata climbing, a canopy tour, and miles of breathtaking, awe-inspiring hiking trails NROC is sure to offer the dose of adventure that’s right for you. View all posts by nrocstaff

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