Share Your Stories!

Living in a quiet, secluded mountain valley, stories are a part of everyday conversation. I hear legends of the 10-point buck that got away when I go into any of the marts to pay for my gas. Last time I went in one, I heard wives tales of why the squash didn’t grow but the tomatoes did. People spit predications of the upcoming season based solely on the color of the wholly worm they saw on the sidewalk that afternoon. And always, the excited accounts of the first ascent someone had on a relatively unknown crag. The epic tales of bike rides that go deep into the millions of acres of wilderness that surround the valley or the half-gnarly, half-silly river trips down the beautiful canyons of the Potomac River.

Think of this blog as a campfire on the Internet. This is a place for telling stories. True or not so true, it’s the stories of a place that get told and retold that define and shape its place in history. They make a place last forever.

I’ll be writing stories and our guides and staff will be sharing pictures and tales. We would love to hear your stories as well. Tell me about the most memorable part of your via ferrata climb or canopy tour and be a part of the Nelson Rocks story. Email your stories and pictures to me at


About nrocstaff

Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center (NROC) is located in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Pendleton County, West Virginia. NROC, formerly know as the Nelson Rocks Preserve, is a privately-owned nature preserve that encompasses 145 mountainous acres. Home to incredible rock climbing, via ferrata climbing, a canopy tour, and miles of breathtaking, awe-inspiring hiking trails NROC is sure to offer the dose of adventure that’s right for you. View all posts by nrocstaff

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