Hurricane Sandy Pays West Virginia A Brief Visit

Hurricane Sandy’s effects on West Virginia pale in comparison to the effects that north-east states such as New York and New Jersey received; however, we want to provide an update for those of you who have expressed concern for our area. Hurricane Sandy’s reach varied amongst regions in West Virginia. Here at Nelson Rocks, we received a small amount of snow as well as minimal wind damage. Just 9 miles away and 2,000 feet in elevation gain lies Spruce Knob, which acquired two and a half feet of snow. Twenty inches quickly accumulated on the slopes in Canaan Valley and Snow Shoe Mountain on Monday, October 29th causing ski enthusiasts in the area to flock to the hills. The snow was still piling up Thursday on top of the three feet left from Sandy throughout the week. Statewide blackouts ensued causing many businesses to temporarily shut down. Although the power came back on at Nelson Rocks after a few short days, many individuals in our neighboring counties still remain without power.

These Trees They Are A Changing

We’ve noticed a few gold and red trees popping out in the mountains but it looks like the rest of the trees surrounding NROC should lose their green color by the end of this weekend – which means if you’re planning to book your Via Ferrata climb or North Fork Valley Canopy Tour so that you can catch the beautiful views of the fall leaves, now is the time to do it! For a guide to when West Virginia counties’ leaves are predicted to change, check out the image below, provided by the West Virginia Division of Forestry.

For a list of which trees turn which colors, click here!

David Kurtz’s Experience at Nelson Rocks

As a native of West Virginia, David Kurtz has always been active in the outdoors. He has tried everything from hiking, biking, motorcycling, rafting and kayaking but he never got sucked into the world of rock climbing. It was his self-proclaimed “concern” for heights that kept him on the climbing walls and off of exposed rocks; however, Nelson Rocks intrigued him and he made the trip to see us on September 21 with the intent to tackle the Via Ferrata. And he did.

He kindly shared his experience with us and we felt compelled to share it with the rest of you. To read his blog post, “I came, I climbed, I conquered,” click here!

Timelapse Video of the Overlook

Happy Monday everyone! We recently took a timelapse video of the views from the overlook at Nelson Rocks and thought it was so beautiful that we just had to share it with you all! Check it out!

Share Your NROC Experience!

Fall is a time for change and reflection. We want to encourage you to reflect back on your visit to Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center and tell us your story. Whether it be a funny story or a story about overcoming your fears, we want to hear all about it! Email your stories and pictures to us at

“A Water Bottle Story”

Who would have thought that water bottles would be a controversial issue? Read this blog article by Maddie Perlman-Gabel about the ban of water bottles in United States National Parks and see if you agree or disagree with the issue!

Stay Hydrated!

Here at NROC, we stress the importance of staying hydrated while climbing the Via Ferrata and ziplining on the North Fork Valley Canopy Tour. This article touches on several topics such as signs of dehydration, health benefits of water, recommended water intake, and what factors influence an individual’s water needs. We encourage everyone to take the time to read this helpful article provided by Shape Fit, click here!

Couple Gets Married at Seneca Rocks

How cool is this? A couple got married on Seneca Rocks, which is just about 15 miles away from Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center! The couple made the 900-foot climb in formal wedding attire…awesome!

Check out the full article by clicking here!

Updated Lodging Photos!

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Share Your Love for the Outdoors With Your Kids

If you’re looking to share your passion for the outdoors with your children, this National Geographic blog post, written by the Outdoor Industry Association’s Avery Stonich, provides helpful tips for successfully easing your children into outdoor recreation. Throughout the article, Stonich discusses this subject with Craig Mackey, the Outdoor Industry Association’s director of recreation policy. They use backpacking as a specific example but the tips they provide can apply to any outdoor activity! Click here to read!

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